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Inspired by the contemporary streetwear culture in Sweden, BLK SKN's focus is on black clothing. The ideology is that people coming from different backgrounds, prerequisites meet with equally, liberty, without judging by appearances, sex, cultures or religions. The core value is that they are unique in focusing on black garments with timeless and minimalist design.
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The overall intention of the brand is to give people an alternative lifestyle brand that differs from today's street-wear brands by focusing on communicating that all people can succeed as long as the prerequisites are the same. 

By wearing BLK SKN, youths are stating “He made it, so I can make it”. 
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The purpose is to inspire, guide and motivate people, with the goal of BLK SKN products contributing to the definition of the customer/followers way of life.  

With BLK SKN in your collection you are giving a clear statement of creative design and equality awareness. BLK SKN has the right mindset, ideas and vision to become the first in mind choice for the consumers within the market of contemporary street-wear.
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Burcu Kuru

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